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About Us

DeerFence.com provides homeowners and gardeners with the best do-it-yourself installation deer fences on today's market. Our easy-to-install deer fence for sale are designed to last up to 20-30 years in all weather elements and will stand up to digging and chewing caused by deer and small critters. Installing garden fence kits is the best deer management method to protect flowers and crops.

We offer different types of fences in various sizes along with deer fencing materials. Our Poly Deer Fence, is the most popular fence type offered on Deerfence.com. Made from a durable plastic fencing material, poly deer fence rolls are recommended for areas with light deer populations. Our Metal Deer Fences were designed for moderate to heavy deer traffic giving you the most reliable garden protection.

Our Resource Center contains fence installation Youtube videos as well as step-by-step written instructions to assist you in the building process. If you have any questions, or would like to request a quote, please call (301)-476-6884. We are happy to answer any questions you may have; so contact us today!

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