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Poly deer fencing is ideal for areas with light to moderate deer traffic. Our plastic deer fence are made from a durable polypropylene fencing material that is lightweight, easy to install, and creates a virtually invisible deer fence from 20 feet away. We offer two brands of plastic deer fencing: TENAX C Flex Deer Fence and Trident Extruded Deer Fence. 

Additionally, our Elk and Large Animal Fencing is a cost effective solution for deer management that is easy to assemble without the help from a professional installer. Once your fence installation is complete, our large animal fencing will require little to no maintenance.

Browse through our selection of poly deer fencing to find the right match for your garden.

TENAX Trident
  • Rounded tensile and smaller joints; less visible
  • Offers Max Strength Deer Fence, strongest fence offered on DeerFence
  • Available in Heavy Duty C Flex, Extra Strength C Flex and Max Strength C Flex strength grades
  • Available in variety of heights and lengths
  • Extruded bottom, reinforced on the bottom to resist chewing and clawing
  • Semi-rounded tensile
  • Available in Economy, Heavy Duty and Extra Strength  strength grades
  • Available in variety of heights and lengths


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