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August Gardening Tips

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 13 2018

August is the hottest month of the year; and while it's all good to get a tan and get fresh air, flowers and other types of plants are suffering. Here are gardening tips for August that gardeners must implement now.

1. Bring On the Water Works

Do not over-or-under water plants. If able, water plants in the early morning hours before the heat of the sun hits hard on them. On heavy soil, be sure to deliver water at least once per week. Light soil should go twice per week. This ensures root systems get plenty of water for healthy growing capabilities.

2. Pull Weeds Now

Activate weed control; so, weeds do not suffocate growing plants.

3. Pruning Plants

Removing dead stems of plants will prevent plant diseases (and the spread of diseases to nearby plants) and will make the plants look nicer in the long run. 

4. Start Fall Crops

Go ahead and begin planting fall crops such as spinach, lettuce and other greens. Many of these greens can tolerate light frosts in the winter.

5. Deer Management Strategies

Implementing a deer management strategy in summer will ensure that vegetable gardens will thrive in the upcoming seasons. The best height deer fence is 7.5 to 8' feet high; but other factors, such as other types of wildlife, will dictate the type of fence that is installed in the garden. Do your research to find the right fence type for your yard.