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Bear Hibernation In January

Jennifer Smith

Posted on January 21 2019

Bears are resting peacefully this winter; but they will soon come out of hibernation - sometimes as early as February. In fact, male grizzly bears come out of hibernation in mid March, with cubs and mama bears emerging later in April. 

Hibernation isn't what we all think it is. When we say "resting peacefully," we really mean that they slow down movement in wintertime. They stock pile on food in the fall, eating up to 90 pounds of food each day; and, they take the winter season to slow down their metabolism until spring comes. 

Bear Management

Because winter hibernation in bears can end as early as February, home growers must prepare gardens for spring and rid bears early on from landscapes. The best type of fence to rid bears from gardens is an electric fence that is between 42-54" high. The electric fencing can include up to 5 strands of poly wire spaced 8-10" apart.