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Best Fence For Coyote Management

Jennifer Smith

Posted on March 15 2019

All this talk about coyotes and dogs playing has got us thinking. While coyote experts revealed the truth that the coyote was in fact playing with the dog, not luring him in, they also stated that this is far from the norm. In fact, coyote attacks on pets is quite common and pet owners should be aware to keep pets at a safe distance. 

Coyote breeding season began in January; and coyote pups will arrive in March and April. This will lead to not just troubles for pet owners, but also cautious poultry farmers and gardeners. To keep coyotes out of landscapes in spring, homeowners will want to try a proven coyote management method: building a 6' foot high steel fence with PVC.

Coyotes are chewing animals; and the PVC acts as secondary barrier to protect the metal core from chew marks. The height will block jumping attempts from coyotes; keeping domestic pets, backyard chickens and vegetable gardens safe from coyote damage.