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Best Trident Brand Plastic Fence

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 13 2019

There are many types of fence on the market; but not all are appropriate for deer management. When considering plastic deer fence for lawns and gardens, choose a strength that is best for your situation. Let's break it down. 

Economy Fencing is the lightest strength grade of Trident brand plastic deer fence. It is referred to as a "base" model because it only has a lifespan of 3-7 years and a strength grade of 500 pounds. Economy Plastic Deer Fence is meant for temporary fencing around young trees or for areas with extremely light deer pressure. 

For moderate levels of deer fencing, it's best to move ahead with a heavy strength grade with a 650 pounds breaking strength. This type of fence will last 10-20 years, similar to the Extra Strength Trident Fence; however, it will not have the 750 pound breaking strength of the heavier grade. Nevertheless, the heavy duty Trident deer fence remains one of the best plastic deer fences on 

For moderate to heavy deer pressure, choose maximum strength deer fence. This fence has a 950 pound breaking strength and a 20+ year lifespan.

While these fences will keep out deer, the heavier strength grades will still not block chewing animals such as rabbits, coyotes and groundhogs. For these wild animals, it's best to install a metal deer fence with PVC to protect the steel core from chew marks. 

Trident Plastic Deer Fence is special because of the reinforced bottom edge which helps keep down ground stakes so deer cannot push up the fence.

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