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Bird Migration Season

Jenn Smith

Posted on August 19 2020

Bird Migration season begins in late August when birds gather in groups and travel south in search of cooler temperatures. During their travels, birds will stop on home properties to bathe in pools and eat from home gardens.

Birds can be a real nuisance for gardeners as they will indulge on sweet-tasting flowers, fruits and vegetables. To protect plants from bird damage, growers may try draping their plants with bird netting - an affordable solution for bird control. Bird nets are easy to use and are ideal for growers with blueberry bushes or shrubbery. However, for large-scale gardens, bird netting won't be effective. It is better to install a garden enclosure with a top to keep away birds from flowerbeds and other raised plants. Using a fully covered garden enclosure will also keep out deer and small critters from the growing site.

Protecting plants from birds is a must for growers moving into the fall season where bird migration patterns are at their peak.