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Black Bears In Summer

Jenn Smith

Posted on July 31 2019

Summer is prime time for wildlife spotting; but it's not all fun and games. While summer is a great time of year for wildlife photography, the season comes with it's share of wildlife damage and attacks. 

At the start of the summer season, gardeners are more concerned about deer movement in gardens - especially as they bring fawns with them. The double-trouble movement patterns are a huge headache for gardeners; but by the end of the summer, growers are dealing with a much bigger problem: black bears.

July is bear mating season with top sightings occurring mostly in August. This is the top month for bear attacks on humans and pets, too. 

Bear Eating Habits In Summer

In August, bears will begin to store energy in preparation for winter hibernation; and they will visit gardens in the early morning and late evening hours to scout for food. Typically, bear diet in summer consists of berries, acorns, nuts and plant foods.

Gardeners that wish to protect organic gardens from bears will need to install electric fencing as a bear deterrent. This is the only type of fence that is strong enough to reduce bear movement in gardens as traditional fence styles are not strong enough to block bear tackles.