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Deer Activity In Summer

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 19 2018

Summer is when plants are sprouting; and finally growers can reap the benefits of their hard work. This is the season when gardeners can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from organic gardens; but - like in spring - they will need to watch out for deer movement. 

Deer movement in summer

Summer is double trouble for gardeners as does have given birth to fawns and are teaching them how to scavenge for food. During the first year of life, fawns will not leave their mothers; and they both will visit home gardens. While bucks stay close to fawns and does, they will leave them alone for the majority of the day. Does and fawns will sleep throughout the morning; then, capture food in the afternoon and evening hours where they can go unseen by predatory animals and hunters. 

Deer eating habits in summer

Deer will continue to eat twigs and leaves; but they prefer summer treats including: corn ('deer corn' fed by some gardeners), berries, nuts and grasses. Of course, they are hardly picky eaters; and they will not say 'no' to other fruits and vegetables that they find at home gardens.

Deer Control Solutions

Summer is when home gardeners need to watch out for deer damage and implement deer management strategies including: the use of a deer fence at least 7.5' feet tall; growing deer-resistant plants in the garden and applying tick sprays to lawns.