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Deer Movement In Winter

Jennifer Smith

Posted on November 28 2018

Deer run low on natural resources in the winter; and they are stuck eating leaves and twigs throughout the season; unless they can find a garden that has something "good" to indulge on. 

Deer Habits

In the late fall and winter, deer will scout for food on lawns and gardens in the early morning and late evening hours to avoid being seen by homeowners and hunters. They try to avoid frigid temperatures and chilly wind gusts; and they tend to move less often because of less sunlight during this time of year. 

Because deer go into full panic mode in the winter, home growers need to protect flowerbeds and crops in the fall season before it is all claimed by deer. This is why they install deer fencing this time of year. 

Deer will continue to explore yards in the winter season; and a deer fence is the best method to keep them away from landscapes including gardens.