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Deer Movement In Winter

Jennifer Smith

Posted on January 07 2019

Wildlife are panicking this time of year, hungry, as natural resources are scarce to them. During fall, white-tailed deer could rely on fall crops to eat including leaves and twigs; but now, they are eating very little, and wandering in the harsh winter conditions to seek food. 

Deer move slowly during the early morning hours in search for food. They choose early morning to go undetected by both deer hunters and homeowners who may wish to capture them and turn them into deer meat. They also choose this time of day to avoid chilly wind gusts and try to find heavy trees, such as evergreens, to shield them from the snow and frigid temperatures. 

Gardeners may decide to keep growing in winter and grow winter crops such as squash, kale, carrots and an array of herbs. For growers that choose not to bring crops indoors should protect their organic gardeners with a deer fence that is at least 7.5 feet tall to avoid hungry deer, This is the best method to rid deer from gardens in the winter and prevent them from destroying crops in March and April when the seasons change and the growing season picks up again.