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Deer Outrun Fires!

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 20 2018

It's that sense that something is wrong that helps deer survive wildfires and other natural disasters. 

Experts have found that deer, bears, and some other types of wildlife can sense when danger is approaching and run faster than the natural disaster itself. Deer herds have been known to migrate as far as 40 miles away from wildfires, as found in California during the blaze of wildfires in the region. 

“These native species have evolved from Day 1 with fire as an ever-present part of the landscape,” Patrick Foy, a DFW captain, said. “They have adapted, evolved and are well-equipped and genetically programmed to survive wildfires.” (SF Chronicle)

While the use of a deer fence is recommended for vineyard owners to protect crops from deer damage, officers caution vineyard managers that deer-proof fencing may cause deer to slow-down when running for their lives from predators and natural disasters.