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Deer Tackles Man At McDonald's

Jenn Smith

Posted on February 03 2020

A Charlotte-area man managed to hold onto his Diet Coke as a deer knocked him to the ground in the parking lot of a North Carolina McDonald’s.

He later posted a video of the incident on Facebook, showing him walking through a parking lot with his wife as a deer barrels toward them. The video has been viewed more than 130,000 times on Facebook since Ken Worthy posted it Tuesday.

Worthy gave a thumbs-up emoji to people asking if he was OK after the startling encounter in a shopping plaza in Locust, a rural city of about 3,000 straddling Cabarrus and Stanly counties about 25 miles east of Charlotte.

“God is good ALL the time!” Worthy posted. “Not injured.”

Worthy said he and his wife were walking from the fast-food restaurant “with Cokes in hand” about 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 22.

“What happened next I would have never believed,” he posted. “Life is crazy sometimes.”

The 16-second clip shows Worthy immediately getting back up after the deer barrels into him and scampers off. His wife comes up to him to see if he is OK.

“Please share this it is unbelievable!” Worthy posted. “PS: Didn’t spill my coke!”

Worthy could not be immediately reached for comment Friday. He is a Microsoft Office instructor at the Central Piedmont Community College Levine Campus in Matthews, according to the CPCC website.

The deer created havoc at other businesses in the plaza before scooting away.

Owner Jason Smith had just entered the restroom in the back of his Dandy Walrus Electric Tattoo shop on West Main Street when he “heard a loud knock,” he told the Observer on Friday.

One of his workers was about to start piercing a customer, so Smith thought the patron had fainted and fallen. It’s happened before, he said.

“So much deer fur flying around,” Smith said of the scene. “It looked like smoke.”

The deer hit the shop’s front door, he said, before it dashed off and lost an antler after ramming a nearby medical rehab business.

“It shook our shop, it hit so hard,” he said.

He said he watched the video and was amazed how calm Worthy appeared after appearing to somersault and hit the ground.

“I would have lost my mind,” Smith said. “It was insane.”

Story re-posted from Charlotte Observer.