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Close Veterans Discounts!

Jenn Smith

Posted on November 11 2019

November 11th is Veterans Day - a federal holiday to celebrate the men and women of the U.S. military. 

Did you know that has a link to the military?'s parent company, Trident Enterprises got its name from its founder - a U.S. navy veteran. After leaving the military in the early 1980s, our founder began a fence installation company called Trident Enterprises. The name of his company was named after the Ohio class of submarines carrying the Trident cruise missiles that he served on for many years. While Trident doesn't do fence installation services any longer, the company supplies wholesale fencing to garden nurseries, universities/colleges, large-scale farms, and other types of landscapes. 

Trident Enterprises recognized the need for the general homeowner to buy deer fence supplies; which is why was created. Today, is proud to supply military veterans with discounted fence supplies. Contact to learn about military discounts: