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Stop Feeding Wildlife

Jennifer Smith

Posted on April 10 2019

Gardeners get fed up with deer invading their gardens and destroying their crops, they understand that deer have to eat,, what do they do? They feed deer corn, soybeans, and other favorite deer foods.

The problem is (spoiler alert) they keep coming back to growing sites! Then, there's the problem of coyotes in yards. Because of trashy people, coyotes scout around homes where they find trash hanging out of trash cans, old chicken bones and pet foods that are outside in the yard. 

Pick up your trash, people!

This is why wildlife keep coming back for more. 

Stop feeding the wildlife!

This is why wildlife keep coming back for more. 

When wildlife enter onto properties, they go looking for food; and they can attack humans if they feel threatened. They can also attack pets if they have a taste for meat. Why put everyone you love at risk just to be close to wildlife?

They'll be fine - keep them away! Protect the ones you love with wildlife fencing. Separate wild from domestic and see a dramatic change in wildlife movements.