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Do Deer Like To Eat Marijuana?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 27 2019

Marijuana growers have encountered all sorts of intruders on their weed farms including people and critters...even deer. While we know white-tailed deer like to eat corn, soybeans, berries and veggies, we didn't know about marijuana. 

So, do deer like the taste of weed? When plants are small, the smell and taste of the cannabis plant is sweet and inviting to deer; but as the plant grows into the harvest season, the sweet smell of weed becomes pungent and unpleasant for deer. Nevertheless, when deer get the munchies, they will eat the cannabis plants.

What's more annoying to cannabis growers is watching deer become "high" and passing out on cannabis farms for nap time. To keep deer off cannabis farms and gardens, cannabis cultivators are encouraged to fence deer out. 

The best time to grow marijuana is late spring-early summer; which is also prime season for deer damage on landscapes. Shop deer fencing to protect cannabis crops from wildlife.