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Don't Buy Chain Link

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 08 2018

Chain-link fences aren't the worst idea for homeowners on a tight budget; but for those building the fence themselves, they will soon find that chain link isn't the easiest material to install. It is not flexible and it is heavier than your average deer fence. Chain link fences cheapen the look of yards; and let's be honest, they are hideous. 

Some pet owners choose chain link fences to fence in dogs; but we do not recommend this type of yard fencing because of the environmental impact on the fence. Extreme heat, rain or snow will eventually break down the strength of the fence and corrode. The rust could potentially get in the mouth of pets; and it will create an unsightly look on your landscape. 

Homeowners looking at chain-link fences must need a strong metal fence; and this is why they should consider getting a metal fence with PVC-coating to prevent wear-and-tear of the fence and to create a more pleasing fence around homes.