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Fence In Backyard Chickens

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 24 2018

There are over 9 billion chickens in the United States suffering in overcrowded, unsanitary factory farms; and we need to educate chicken farmers on why the flock really needs to become free-roaming. 

Free-roaming chickens produce better-tasting eggs. For bakers, this means that the chicken eggs will create fluffier cakes. For the chef, the omelets will be light and airy. Free-roaming chickens are also healthier than caged chickens and appear happier since they can move about the farm. 

The traditional chicken fence is hexagonal in shape; and while we feel that a steel hex fence is best; the fence should have PVC-coating for longevity and added protection. The PVC protects the metal fence from chew marks against chickens and external predators, such as coyotes and wolves; and will protect the fence from corrosion and other weather elements. 

Free-roaming chickens is the way to go when caring for backyard chickens. Don't trap chickens with inhumane cages. Get them up and moving!