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How Do Deer Turn Into Zombie Deer?

Jenn Smith

Posted on October 31 2019

Halloween 2019 has us spooked into thinking we are going to see ghosts and werewolves; but as growers, what we really need to worry about seeing in farms and gardens is zombie deer.

Zombie deer is a not-so-affectionate term for a deer that has developed Chronic Wasting Disease. CWD is a fatal neurological disease of the brain that does not have a cure. The disease spreads from and to members of the cervid family and has not been discovered yet in humans. 

Deer farmers are worried that external deer with CWD could spread the disease to their deer herds. To protect them, deer farmers need to install woven wire fence, an agriculture fence on their farm. While plastic and metal fence are strong enough to handle light to heavy deer populations, the risks are too high to take a chance on these types of traditional deer fences. 

Fixed Knot Fence with solid locks, is the most common type of fence on deer farms and is proven to reduce the number of deer on properties. This is the best fence to rid zombie deer on Halloween and beyond.