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It's National Golf Month!

Jenn Smith

Posted on August 02 2019

August is a great time to be a golfer - good weather, good company, good deals; which is why this month is declared to be National Golf Month. In addition to discounted rates at driving ranges, golfers can get a workout on the greens while mingling with friends and colleagues. 

During National Golf Month, golf course owners and managers should consider protecting the landscape from wandering wildlife. After all, they are not paying visitors; and they shouldn't be on the greens. Here are ways to keep deer off the playing field:

Tree Guards

Tree protection is important this time of year. For now, deer have an abundance of food options to satisfy their cravings; but come fall season, they will begin to run short of food supply. Therefore, they will turn to trees to eat leaves and will rub their antlers against tree bark in preparation for the rut season. The lesson? Deer will ruin the appearance of trees.

Deer Fencing

Deer fencing around golf courses will keep deer off the greens and will keep players safe from wildlife encounters. Deer fencing is a general statement. While it does reduce the amount of deer on landscapes, it can also be used to keep out wildlife such as coyotes, wolves and small critters.