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Keep Deer Away From Pets

Jennifer Smith

Posted on October 05 2018

Homeowners love looking at deer; and it's no surprise why. Deer are beautiful, graceful, majestic animals that seem all too innocent at first. However,gardeners and pet owners know better. The truth about deer is that they are destructive animals in the garden, ruining crops and flowerbeds throughout the year; and they put our pets at health risks - especially in the fall season.

Why fall?

By October, doe have given birth to fawns; and they are quite protective of their young during the first year of life. Pets that get too close to baby deer risk being attacked by does as a defense mechanism. And, it isn't just doe that are a concern for pets. Bucks are nearby their mates; and they will use their strong legs and antlers to headbutt or kick pets. 

What's worse, deer continue to drop ticks on the grassy areas where pets tend to play. To avoid wildlife attacks and the spread of pet tick diseases, homeowners are encouraged to separate domestic and wild animals with fencing. By building a deer fence in the yard, pets can safely roam the backyard without worrying about  deer encounters.