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Keep Deer Off Weed

Jennifer Smith

Posted on April 19 2018

Because tomorrow is 4/20, we thought it was appropriate to have a discussion with marijuana farmers about protecting their investment.

The marijuana farming industry is a major business that has spread like wildlife throughout the United States since the legalization of medical marijuana in 28 states plus DC. And, when we say major business, we're talking billions of dollars. 

Growing weed, like other types grown, requires maintenance, patience and of course, commitment. Growing marijuana outdoors is easy though. Marijuana growers will need to first choose a good location with lots of sunshine (at least six hours of natural sunlight). Regular watering plants is required and the soil will need to be checked. You will need to periodically test your soil with a soil PH meter. (Cannabis needs be at a 5.5-6.5 level.) 

After all the routine plant maintenance is done, weed growers are encouraged to invest in deer fencing. One of the most common complaints from marijuana growers is that deer venture onto the farms, eat marijuana plants, and pass out near the crops. Although the thought is somewhat humorous, it is a huge set-back for farmers looking to make a hard earned buck (no pun intended). 

Marijuana farmers should consider building a 7.5' to 8' high deer fence around properties to stop deer from finding their way to marijuana crops. The fence may help block attempts from nosy neighbors to get a closer look at the plants, as well. 

This Cannabis Awareness Month, keep deer off weed by investing in a deer fence; and enjoy the warmth of spring while planting weed outside.