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Lyme Disease Month Ending

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 31 2018

May 31st marks the final day of Lyme Disease Awareness Month; but that doesn't mean that the concern of ticks and Lyme is over.

Lyme Disease is a year-round concern that affects adults, children, pets and livestock. While not all ticks carry Lyme Disease, they do carry other tick-borne diseases that cause debilitating pain and weakness for many. Tick activity rises in spring and summer; but they are commonly found in the fall season and sometimes in winter when temperatures rise above freezing. 

As we move into June and gardeners begin planting perennials, they need to keep an eye out for ticks and perform thorough tick checks on pets. Grooming pets regularly will help easily spot ticks and keep fur from matting.

Spring and summer are the best seasons for planting flowers and vegetables in the garden. Wear long-sleeves to spot ticks and insect repellent to keep away ticks.