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Photo: Deer Caught In Hammock

Jenn Smith

Posted on January 22 2020

(KKTV) - Colorado Parks and Wildlife jumped into action to save a buck tied up in a hammock by its antler this week and provided a stern message to Colorado Springs residents.

Video of the rescue was posted to social media. You can watch it at the bottom of this article.

"AGAIN we ask everyone to take down all hammocks, sports nets & decorations that can trap wildlife," the agency posted to Twitter."Too much trouble? Do you want to be responsible for what this buck endured today in Colorado Springs?"

Colorado residents are also asked to remove items from their yards in which deer can be entangled. Items include, but not limited to: hammocks, game nets, swings, lawn chairs, tomato cages, kids’ toys, bicycles, hanging lights, etc. Wandering bucks are prone to get tangled in backyard items.

CPW recommends:
-Keep dogs on a leash.
-On walks, with or without your dog, stay as far away from deer as possible.
-Don’t allow dogs to roam free.
-Make sure your dog is safe when it’s outside.
-Never let your dog chase deer or other wildlife.
-Never leave food outside that could attract wildlife.
-Tell children not to approach deer or any other wildlife

Story re-posted from KKTV. Written by Tony Keith