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NEW: HEXA-GONE™ Steel Fence

Jennifer Smith

Posted on July 24 2018

Steel Hex Web Fence has always been a fan favorite; and how could it not? This type of metal deer fence appears virtually invisible; is chew-proof and weather-resistant. 

Now, is proud to introduce the stronger, longer-lasting Steel Hex Fence called the HEXA-GONE™. This rodent fence is only available in 7.5' x 100' at this time; however, this is the recommended height for a deer fence. 

HEXA-GONE™ has many great qualities. While it remains virtually invisible, with 1" x 1" mesh openings, it now has a breaking strength of 1250 lbs and will last over 30 years. The PVC-coating is thicker and will continue to block chewing attempts from deer, rabbits, coyotes and other critters. has no doubt that HEXA-GONE™ will soon become the most desired deer fence around gardens. See it now (from up close, of course).