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Rabbit Damage In Gardens

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 25 2018

Don't let those floppy ears and bushy tail fool you. Rabbits are the second most complained about wild animal from growers just behind the white-tailed deer. Rabbits are not picky eaters; and if they see an unprotected veggie garden, they will hop their way into it. 

To stop rabbits, home gardeners will need to get a strong steel fence. The reason why plastic fences are not recommended for rabbit control in the garden is because rabbits can easily cut through the material with their teeth. Research shows that rabbits cut through materials in order to trim their teeth [which grow at least 3-5" per year]. In order to prevent the rabbit from cutting through the plastic, a metal fence is used. 

Furthermore, it's best to use a steel fence with PVC-coating, such as a Steel Hex Web Fence. The PVC-coating acts as a barrier so the rabbit cannot cut through the steel. The PVC allows the fence to be UV-resistant and protected from other weather conditions, as well.

Stop rabbit damage this summer with the right type of fence.