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Squirrel Control In Gardens

Jenn Smith

Posted on February 05 2020

Squirrels are one of those pesky critters that never seem to leave home properties; and what's worse, they eat all sorts of plants including tomatoes, fruits and nuts. Gardeners looking to rid squirrels from lawns and gardens will need to build a structure different than a typical fence to block climbing and jumping attempts. (Did you know a squirrel can jump up to six feet from the ground?)

Growers looking to keep squirrels away from plants will need to build a garden enclosure with a top.The material will also need to be a consideration for keeping them out. Squirrels will chew through the plastic material and gnaw through any wooden posts that are built. Instead, choose a metal fence with PVC with small mesh holes - such as hexagonal in shape.

Squirrel damage in gardens can be a thing of the past with the right kind of fence.