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Summer Gardening Tips

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 25 2018

Summer is that time of year that everyone looks forward to - not just for gardening; but for all sorts of outdoor activities. Like every season, summer brings challenges for gardeners and pet owners alike; and this is why homeowners need to prepare their yards for the changing season before the first day of summer. Here are the top summer gardening tasks:

Weed Out the Weak

As a gardener, when we think of summer, we think of weeds. This is a good time to pull weeds from flowerbeds. After all, weeds smother flowers and make gardens look unsightly.

Prune Back Flowers

Prune flowers back and remove dead ends. This will eliminate the risk of plant diseases. 

Fence Out Wildlife

Yard fencing isn't just for garden protection; but also for pet protection against wildlife. The news reports bear and coyote attacks on dogs often; and the use of a deer fence will reduce the chance of domestic animals getting hurt by wildlife. Deer Fencing also halts the risk of tick diseases spread by [deer] ticks. 

Water Plants

The hot sun will destroy plants if water isn't applied during the early daylight hours. Remember, not all plants require full or partial shade.