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Summer Garden Damage By Wildlife

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 06 2019

Fall and winter are the top seasons when wildlife find suitable mates and "get it on." While this action doesn't affect home growers during these two months, come late spring and early summer, homeowners begin to see an influx of wildlife in lawns and gardens. Expect to see these wild animals on landscapes in summer:

  • Deer/Fawns
  • Rabbits/Bunnies
  • Coyotes/Coyote Pups
  • Foxes/Kits

Fawns will stay close to does for up to a year, while bunnies will leave the nest after three short weeks. Kits will leave fox packs after six months as well as coyote pups when they feel they're ready to fend for themselves.

With the rise of wildlife populations comes an increase in garden damage

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