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Tips For DIY Fence Installation

Jenn Smith

Posted on March 16 2020

Some yard fences, such as chain-link fence, are easier to assemble with help from professional fence installers; however for deer fencing, the material is so lightweight it is easy to manage without the extra expense of hiring a fence installer. Here are a few tips to get started with DIY fence installation:

  • It's best to get help from one or two friends to easily manage the fence mesh. 
  • It's best to roll out fence mesh from post to post instead of rolling out the entire roll.
  • It's best to install the ground sleeves first before adding posts and fence mesh.
  • Space zip ties one foot apart along the vertical line post.
  • Add ground stakes inside or outside of the fence line - there isn't a "right way."

Fence installation is easy and can be done in a weekend for most homeowners. Questions? Contact 301-476-6896.