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Tree Damage In Fall

Jennifer Smith

Posted on September 13 2018

Homeowners with trees surrounding their properties, or tree growers, should expect to see considerable deer damage in fall. 

We hate to be negative, but the truth is that bucks need the trees during September to shed the dried velvet from their antlers. This, in turn, will make bucks seem more desirable to doe later in fall. 

We understand that the process of rubbing deer antlers against trees is necessary for them, but what can we do to prevent the tree damage on our properties?

The answer: Deer Fencing and Tree Guards.

Tree guards easily wrap around the base of trees and are easy to install. They are made from a polypropylene fence material for ease of installation and will provide protection for fruit trees to prevent male deer from reaching apples and other fruits harvested in fall.

While tree guards are appropriate for young trees, they will require some time to install - since growers will need to wrap individual trees. An easier process would be to install deer fencing around the perimeter of yards. While this may cost more than tree wraps, the fence installation process will be less and more enjoyable. 

Whatever course of action you choose for deer management, act quickly this September for tree protection against deer.