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Tree Protection From Wildlife

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 21 2018

In early fall, tree growers may see changes to their trees that will frustrate them and there are two main animals to blame: squirrels and deer. 

Squirrels will eat the bark of Japanese Maples and Pecan Trees and deer are not far behind in destroying trees. Male white-tailed deer will rub their antlers on tree bark to remove the dried-velvet that they obtained from summertime. Removing the velvet prepares bucks for the rut season where they will appear more attractive to a mate. 

To protect trees from deer and rodent damage this fall, home growers should guard trees with tree protection wrap - which easily wraps around trees and protects trunks. Deer fencing can also be used around tree farms to protect trees. A deer fence will need to be at least 7.5-8' feet high for best results.