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Trident Extruded VS Tenax Fence

Jennifer Smith

Posted on December 05 2018

Often, customer service receives phone calls asking the difference between Trident Extruded Deer Fence and TENAX Plastic Deer Fence. When web visitors look at the specs for both products, they seem virtually the same; but the Trident brand deer fence has one distinct feature - the reinforced bottom edge. 

TENAX Poly Deer Fence can be used on residential areas with light to moderate deer pressure. Like the Trident fence, this type of fence is not chew-proof, but it can be used as a basic garden fence or fence for small dogs. The mesh dimensions are approximately 1.77" x 1.97" and are slightly slanted in shape. While there are different strength grades of the fence, the max strength plastic fence will last approximately 20 years outside.

Trident Plastic Deer Fence with reinforced bottom edge comes in various strength grades and heights, as well. The mesh dimensions are approximately 1.75" x 2" (similar to the TENAX brand) and are true square shaped. The Trident Fence with reinforced bottom edge is recommended for light to moderate deer pressure and provides extra ground protection from deer and nosy wildlife. The reinforced bottom edge helps keep fence stakes in the ground, too. Trident Poly Deer Fence will last between 3-20 years based on strength grade.

These fences are lightweight and easy to install for deer management; but they are not recommended for coyote control or deterring rabbits and groundhogs.