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Warm Weather Brings Ticks

Jennifer Smith

Posted on April 30 2018

Now that temperatures are above freezing, outdoor enthusiasts are spending more time outside; and while the warm weather is great news for gardeners who are taking advantage of the spring weather, they are at risk of tick bites.

Deer are the number one carriers of tick diseases, including Lyme Disease, in the United States; and when home growers allow deer onto home properties, they are allowing whitetails to drop ticks in the grass where they work on their plants. This is why gardeners need to install 7.5-8' tall deer fencing to rid deer from gardens; and thus reduce the risk of tick infection. 

Gardeners are advised to wear bright colors while working outside to easily spot ticks. If a tick is embedded, gardeners need to remove the tick as soon as possible. While Lyme Disease can take 24-48 hours to transmit from tick to person (or to pet) other tick illnesses such as the Powassan Virus can take up to 15 minutes!

We need to take the necessary precautions this season to keep deer away from our yards. While Bambi may look cute, he is carrying ticks that may bite children and pets. Say 'no' to deer this spring.