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When Is Deer Mating Season?

Jenn Smith

Posted on October 01 2019

Over the last few weeks, homeowners may have noticed damage to trees and wondered how or why it occurred. The damage to trees is from male deer (bucks) rubbing the dried velvet from their antlers in preparation for the rut season, also known as deer mating season. This action makes bucks look more desirable to doe.

Deer mating season runs from late October through mid-November. During this time, deer will become aggressive; and they will seek lady doe by jetting out in front of cars or hanging out with large deer populations on lawns. 

Homeowners will see an increase in deer movement on landscapes this fall; and it will be quite annoying for home growers that want to garden without deer eating all of the veggies they plant in October.

Keep deer at bay during deer breeding season with deer fencing and other deer management tips.