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When To Buy Deer Fence

Jenn Smith

Posted on February 26 2020

Gardening is one of the most favored hobbies by DIY'ers in the United States; and it's no wonder why. Not only is growing food fun to do in the backyard, but it is cheaper than purchasing produce from the grocery store making it a more affordable and sustainable option for families. Since backyard gardening can be a year-round hobby, gardeners want to know when the best time is to buy deer fence for garden protection. Here's our best answer.

Anytime! However, spring is usually prime season for deer movement in gardens. In winter, natural resources were scarce for deer; and with warm weather ahead, deer know that their hunger pains are over. In spring, deer have their eyes set on home gardens; and they want first dibs on home-grown plants. 

Deer fence installation is easy with helping hands and can be done over a weekend. It's best to install deer fencing before agriculture damage from deer occurs in gardens. Why wait until there is a problem? For growers that already notice deer on their properties, install deer fencing sooner than later.