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Where Are Coyotes Spotted?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on October 23 2018

Coyotes may look like big dogs; but they are not as approachable. While coyotes do not generally attack humans, they will conquer small dogs, cats and even livestock animals if they feel threatened or have a taste for meat. In fact, most humans that have been bit from coyotes state that they were defending their pets when the coyote attack occurred.

Coyotes (the prairie wolf) are native to North and Central America although they are believed to have split off from the European grey wolf. They are found in every U.S. state, except for Hawaii; and are also in parts of Canada and Mexico.

Hungry coyotes will attempt to scale a short fence or dig underneath it if they spot livestock (chickens) or pets. This is why homeowners, or pet owners, need to install a 6 feet high steel fence for protection against coyotes.  

Coyotes are seen in the day and nighttime hours. Do you want to encounter one? We think not.