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Why Are Doe Attacking?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 14 2019

Deer rarely attack; and as ladies, it's even rarer to hear about a doe attack on humans and pets. There is, of course, a reason for why we are hearing more about doe attacks in the news.

Late-spring: Fawns are born

Like any good parent, does will leave newborn fawns in a sheltered environment to search for food for themselves and their young. While doe may appear "gone," they remain close by baby deer. If humans or pets get too close to their babies, then they may potentially feel threatened and attack out of defense. 

It is recommended not to approach fawns if found. Do not feed deer. Instead, keep a safe distance. Remember, fawns leave their mothers after one year; and if homeowners continue to feed the deer family, then they will remember the home to visit when they get hungry again!

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