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Why Build Deer Fence In Winter

Jennifer Smith

Posted on January 09 2019

Winter may not seem like the ideal season to do outdoor yard work; but in fact, there are a lot of gardening tasks that must be done in the wintertime including pulling weeds and preparing the soil for spring. To add to the task sheet, gardeners should consider installing deer fencing before the spring growing season. 

Deer mating season ran from September-November; and while fawns are not here just yet; homeowners will begin to see baby deer on landscapes, along with does and bucks, by May. This is peak gardening season; and the surplussed deer may lead to destruction on home landscapes. This is why winter is the best time of year to build a garden fence

Spring is when gardens thrive with rainbows of flowers and sprouting fruits and veggies. To protect plants, gardeners will need to build a 7.5-8' foot high deer fence around growing sites to stop deer from venturing onto landscapes.

Gardeners use winter to prepare for spring. Add deer fencing to the list of gardening tasks for winter.