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Why Buy Welded Wire

Jenn Smith

Posted on August 13 2019

Welded Wire Fence is a popular choice for homeowners; and it's no wonder why. The fence is much more pleasing to the eye than tradition styles of fence and can be used for a variety of applications. 

For one, weld wire fence is used in home gardens to keep away deer and chewing animals such as rabbits, coyotes, groundhogs, foxes and wolves. This type of fence is made from a strong 14 or 19 gauge galvanized steel then coated in PVC, adding a secondary layer of protection. This metal fence can serve as a pool fence in addition to a garden fence - but it's recommended to check with state's codes prior to purchasing welded wire fence rolls.

This type of metal fence is beautiful, with different mesh sizes to choose from for style, and will last between 20-30 years in all weather environments.