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Why Use Electric Fence

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 17 2018

"We just can't take it anymore." That's usually what Deerbusters hears from gardeners who are done giving second chances to deer. 

Electric fences are great in gardens because they do not block views of the landscape. They are less maintenance than traditional fences and are affordable for gardeners. They are also easy to install!

Gardeners also use electric fence in the garden for bear management. Honey producers use electric fence to keep bears away from all-natural honey - since wildlife really won't bother bees. 

For livestock owners raising cattle, horses, and other animals, electric fencing is a good option. There are different types of electric fence wire (poly tape, poly rope and poly wire); and the animals farmers wish to secure will dictate the type of electric wire used around the pasture. Electric netting can be used to safeguard poultry, as well.

Electric fence is a great solution for wildlife management and for livestock security. Consider this type of fence on a ranch, farm or garden for added landscape protection.  

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