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Why Use Electric Fence?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 17 2019

Electric Fencing is used on landscapes to secure crops against a number of wild animals including white-tailed deer, bears and wild hogs. It is also used to secure livestock animals like cattle, horses, sheep, goats and domestic pigs.

This type of fence blends-in with surroundings - unlike chain-link fence or barbed wire. It is easy to install and less costly than traditional fence. Additionally, it is long-lasting (around 20-30 years) and includes different energizer choices such as Plug-in, Battery and Solar chargers. 

For bear deterrence, plastic fencing is a joke. Bears can weigh close to 1000 pounds; and they will easily bulldoze through a poly fence. Some steel fences are even too lightweight for bears and will easily bend given the strength of the animal. Therefore to rid bears from lawns and gardens, it's best to choose electric fence.

Electric Fence can be used as a primary barrier or a secondary barrier around a plastic deer fence as another layer of garden protection.