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Will Wildlife Attack Pets?

Jenn Smith

Posted on March 20 2020

"I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse."

Let's face it, just like us, wild animals need to eat; and they will resort to eating anything if they are hungry enough. This means that pets are put at risk when left alone in the yard. Here are a few things pet owners need to know about wildlife encounters. 

In spring, wildlife activity is strong because plants are abundant. As wildlife scout for food, they will choose to eat all sorts of grasses, flowers, fruits and vegetables. However, if they see a small dog or cat in the backyard left unattended, they may strike out of hunger. Wildlife attacks on pets occurs more frequently with coyotes and wolves and less with deer. However...

Deer birthing season is in spring - March and April to be exact - and when does go off to search for food, they leave their young behind. If pets, even people, are too close to young fawns, their mothers may attack out of fear. 

It is suggested that homeowners install deer exclosure fence around properties to protect pets from wildlife encounters and attacks. The best height for fence will depend on which type of animal one is trying to reduce seeing on home landscapes. 

  • Deer: 7.5-8' feet high plastic or metal fence.
  • Coyotes/Wolves: 6' feet high metal fence