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6' Deer Fence Heavy End (2 Pack)


SKU: DE2522-60

The ends of your deer fence support the weight of your fence, which means they need to be strong and stable. Our deer fence end systems consist of one 2 ½-inch end post, wider than our standard line posts, and one brace post that sits just inside of the fence line and reinforces the end post. This two-side post system creates an incredibly sturdy end that won’t bend or topple over, and that gives your fence line a professionally installed look.  This complete deer fence end kit includes all parts necessary to install two 6-foot high end systems. Our end posts do not use a ground sleeve and concrete is suggested to secure them into the ground.

This Post Pack includes: (2) 9’ x 2 1/2” pipes (6’ above ground w/ included extensions), (2) 7' x 1 5/8" brace posts, (2) 2 1/2" brace bands with hardware, (2) 1 5/8" end cup with hardware, (2)  2 1/2” Vinyl Post Caps.

You will need our 14 in. self-locking ties to attach your fencing to the end system (not included). 

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