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Fixed Knot Rolls


Fixed Knot Fence is the strongest metal fence for deer management on the market. 

This high tensile deer fence is recommended for growers dealing with high deer pressure on properties and can be used for bear management. In addition to being a solid metal deer fence, livestock owners use Fixed Knot Fence to manage herds of cattle, bison, goats, and sheep. 

Fixed Knot Deer Fence, also known as Solid Lock Deer Fence, gets its name because of its high tensile steel which, due to its high carbon content, is much stronger than other types of metal deer fence. Woven Wire Fence is comprised of vertical strands of wire and line wires that are locked together to prevent shifting and sagging with a strong fixed knot. 

Property owners can expect Fixed Knot Fence Rolls to last 20-40 years in the field. Shop now. 

Please Note: Fixed Knot Fence and accessories are not eligible for free shipping. Freight charges apply. These shipments are quite large and heavy; and will require helping hands or heavy equipment to help get the fence off the freight truck. *