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2" Barrel Reducer for 3" Barrel


SKU: RD2005

To safely and successfully install any fence posts or ground sleeves, use the time-saving REDI Driver Gas Powered Post Driver. You will need this 2” Barrel Reducer to ensure a snug fit of the fence tool around the top of the posts or sleeve. Without this Barrel Reducer, you risk damage to the posts or sleeves due to the posts jumping around in the barrel of the tool. By simply slipping the reducer into the barrel of the REDI Driver, the barrel is reduced to a diameter that will fit over our posts perfectly allowing for a fast, easy, and money-saving deer fence installation. This Barrel Reducer will make the REDI Driver compatible with our heavy duty round posts, ground sleeves, and angle steel posts.

2” Barrel Reducer


Barrel Reduction: 1" (3" reduced to 2")

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