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Deer Fence Access Gate Assembly Instructions

For printable version of instructions with images download the following PDF.



Parts List


A)      Section of Deer Fence (Not Included)
B)      Vertical Sides -2                                                                                            
C)      Horizontal Top/Bottom – 2   
D)      Center Support Bar – 1                                                                                             
E)       Corner Braces – 4                                                                                                                             
F)       Center Support Clamps – 2                                                                                                   
G)      Gate Latches – 2
H)      Male Hinges – 2
I)         Female Hinges -2
J)        Self Locking Ties – 50
K)       5/16 in x 2 in Carriage Bolts -2 & Self Tapping Screws – 16
L)       Corner Tension Wire – 2
M)     Wire Clamps – 2

*Caution Edges Of Tubing May Be Very Sharp


Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Dry fit your gate starting with your vertical sides and Horizontal top/bottom. Connect the outside pieces together by hand using the corner braces.

As shown in figure 1 & 2.


Step 2:
Measure to find the center of the vertical sides of your gate and mark it. Place the connectors at the center mark and attach the center support bar (Part D). Secure the connectors and the center support bar with the 5/16” carriage bolts (Part K) provided Shown in Fig.


Step 3:

Secure each corner bracket (Part E) with 4 self tapping screws (Part K) using .
Shown in figure 4.


Step 4:

Hook the turnbuckles, which are located on the ends of the tension wire (Part L), in the center holes of the corner brackets (Part E) on the top of your gate.  Feed the tension wire through a wire clamp, and then loop the wire through the corner bracket on the opposite side on the bottom. Feed the wire through the wire clamp again. Take slack out of the wire and tighten wire clamp (Part M) securely.  Repeat on other side.
Next, evenly tighten turnbuckles keeping gate square. (Measure diagonally to ensure gate is square) 
Your gate should resemble figure 5.


Step 5:

Fasten the Deer Fence (not included) to your gate frame using self locking ties (Part J) every 6-8 in. Use a tie puller and cutter tool to tighten the ties and trim the excess plastic.


Step 6:

On one side of your gate, measure 18 inches from the top and 18 inches from the bottom. Attach one female hinge (Part I) at each 18” mark using the nuts and bolts provided.


Step 7:

On opposite side attach your gate latches (Part G), making sure latches are 18” from the top and bottom. Attach using the nuts and bolts provided, with the pad lock hole on the latch at the bottom of the latch. Your gate is now ready to hang.