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Deer Fence Driveway Gate Instructions

Deer Fence Driveway Gate Parts List

CAUTION: SHARP EDGES A. Horizontal Pole-3 1. Top and bottom Pole-2 2. Center Pole-1 B. Vertical Side Pole-2 C. Horizontal Pole Extender-3 D. Vertical Center Pole-2 E. 1 3/8" Black End Clamp (2 Sides) -4 F. 2 ½” Fork Latch Assembly-2 G. 2 ½” Male Hinge -2 H. 1 3/8” Female Hinge Assembly-2 I. 1 3/8” Black Center Clamp-1 J. 8” Self Locking Ties-100 K. 5/16” x 2” Bolt, Nut and Washer-8 L. 1 3/8” Black Corner Elbow-4 M. Turnbuckles w/ Brace Wire-2 N. Wire Clamps-2 O. 9ft. Gate Post 2 1/2” Diameter-2 P. Self Tapping Screws-20 Q. Virtually Invisible Mesh Fencing(not shown) R. 3/8”x 6” Rebar-2(not shown) S. 2ft Gate Post Extension-2 T. 9ft. Brace Post 1 5/8” Diameter-2 U. Brace Cup 1 5/8”-2 V. Brace Band 2 ½”-2 W. 2 1/2” Post Cap-2 Tools Required: Drill Phillips Bit Deer Fence Driveway Gate Assembly Instructions Step 1: Lay out the horizontal pieces as shown in figure 1. Be sure the male ends are toward the middle of the gate. Connect these pieces. Step 2: Lay out vertical poles as shown in figure 2. Step 3: Attach corners as shown in figure 3 w/Corner Brackets (part L) secure w/4 self-tapping screws in the pre-drilled holes. Step 4: Find the center of the vertical sides of the gate and attach horizontal center piece to the vertical sides at this point w/End Clamps (part E). Secure with 5/16” x 2” bolt (part K) as shown in figure 4. Fig. 4 Step 5: Find the center of horizontal sides and attach center vertical poles at this point using end clamps (part E). Secure with a 5/16” x 2” bolt. Using the 5/16” x 2” bolts, attach the center clamp (part I) in the middle as shown in figure 5. Step 6: Attach turnbuckles (part M) to top corner brackets and extend turnbuckles completely as shown in figure 6. Step 7: Run brace wire diagonally to bottom corners through center hole in corner bracket, take out slack, and secure tightly with wire clamp (part N) as shown in figure 7. Step 8: Tighten turnbuckles making sure gate is square by measuring them across and adjusting so they are equal measurements. Trim excess wire, your gate should resemble figure 8. Step 9: Attach mesh netting, which you provide depending on fence type and gate size, to your gate frame using self locking ties (part J) approximately every 6 inches as shown in figure 9. Trim excess mesh and ties. Step 10: Attach female part of hinge (part H) to one side of your gate as shown in figure 10, attach one hinge 18 inches from the top and the second hinge 18 inches from the bottom. Step 11: On the opposite side of your gate assemble and attach latches 18 inches from the top and bottom ensuring the padlock hole is on the bottom. Shown in figure 11. Your finished gate should resemble figure 12. Step 12: Drill 3/8” hole 6 inches up from the bottom of the 9’ post. Drive rebar (part R) through the hole of the 9’ gate posts (part O). Dig hole approximately 36” deep on one side of gate opening and cement or tamp. Place the 2’ extension (part S) w/post cap (part W) on top of 9’ post by sliding silver end inside top of 9’ post. Secure w/ 2 self-tapping screws near the top of the 9’ post. Step 13: Place brace band (part V) & cup (part U) over 2’ end post extension (part S). Band should be approximately 12” from the top of the extension. Step 14: Place 9’ brace post (part T) in brace cup (part U). Place the other end of the brace post just inside your fence line Dig a hole approximately 1’ deep and either, cement at least 6” all the way around the post or use a dead man. (Dead Man- A 4x4, solid cinder block, or even a large rock place perpendicular to the brace post end in the ground.) Step 15: Attach male part of hinges (part G) loosely to gate post, stand your gate up matching hinges together. Adjust to proper height, making sure the male hinge is attached to the 9’ post and not the 2’ extension, and tighten male hinges securing tightly. Place gate on blocks about 6” high then tighten hinges to secure the gate. Step 16: Secure the 2nd 9’ gate post (part O), also 36” deep, at the opposite side of gate allowing enough space to let the latches work freely. Place 2’ extension w/post cap at top of post. Follow instructions from step 14 figure 2 for bracing the gate post.