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4' x 100' Armadillo Wire Fence, 2"x2"


SKU: W14410022B

Welded Wire Fence is recommended for those dealing with armadillo damage in the garden. This rigid fence is both aesthetically pleasing, having a look very similar to ‘hog panels’, and incredibly durable. Combining long lasting strength with virtual invisibility, Welded Wire is a great choice for fencing needs. 

Welded Wire Fence begins as a 14 gauge wire fence; then turns to a 12 gauge after PVC-coating. The completed look is a 4' x 100' 12 gauge PVC-coated garden fence. 

1 roll of 4' x 100' Welded Wire Fence

  • Durable, strong and weather resistant
  • Perfect for strict HOA’s and yards in neighbors view
  • 20 - 30 yr. life span
  • Nearly invisible after 20’

12 gauge after PVC-coating and contains 2" x 2" fence mesh openings. 

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