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42” H Electric Poultry Netting 11/42/3 – Green, 164’ L


SKU: POR-2040
Feathers and fur make good insulators. Poultry Electric Netting is designed to safely contain chickens and keep predators away. The shock the animal experiences will cause an uncomfortable muscle contraction, thus deterring it from attempting again.
This type of fencing solution is used for a variety of reasons. First, electric netting is lightweight and portable. It can be easily installed and dismantled by a single person to keep your livestock on a fresh plot of land. The flexible nature of the netting makes it easy to navigate curves and corners to suit your landscape with no special tool required. It also provides protection from predators such as dogs, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, foxes, etc. Connect the correct energizer to make sure it is powered for the appropriate conditions and purposes.

Height: 42"
Horizontal Strands: 10 Conductive
Line Spacing: 3"
Roll Length: 164’
Color: Green
Line Post: 15 Galvanized Double Stakes
Distance Between Posts: 12.6'; Posts are built into the fence

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